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Check Out Mobile Commerce Payment Solutions

Most mobile sites are best served by the latest online m-commerce tools, which combine the flexibility of displaying merchandise on your own site with offloading the heavy-duty banking and money-transfer functions to close the deal.

Most web designers agree that the best ways for individuals and small to mid-size businesses to add m-commerce are to use a company that includes a shopping cart and transaction service or to combine a dedicated shopping cart with a transaction service.


The sophisticated e-commerce platform Magento has rolled out a highly customizable mobile shopping cart with robust features.

High-end shopping cart services like Magento can be complex to install and set up, but if you sell a lot of items, want to track sales across many channels, or need your online system to be integrated with your brick-and-mortar inventory system, you may find Magento well worth the cost. Magento supports many transaction services, including Google, PayPal, and most banks that offer online merchant services.


asknet is a large, international e-commerce company, based in Germany, offering custom-built mobile sites and high-end m-commerce.

Partnered with many Internet security companies and software retailers, the company specializes in handling m-commerce across international boundaries. asknet provides support for multiple currencies, tax laws, delivery of goods, and customer tracking. Videos on its site explain how its service works.

The asknet network of warehouses can handle fulfillment, so you can use asknet to store your merchandise and handle shipping around the world. It even burns CDs/DVDs, applies your labels, sticks them into jewel cases, and delivers them to your customers if you sell digital merchandise.

As you might expect, asknet is far from the cheapest solution; it doesn’t even list its prices on its site, but you can contact asknet for more information.