Adding a Sound to a Flash CS3 Button - dummies

Adding a Sound to a Flash CS3 Button

By Ellen Finkelstein, Gurdy Leete

For fun, you can add a sound to a button that you create in Flash CS3. Usually, sounds are added to the Over or Down frame — or both, if you want.

Before you can add a sound to a button, you need a sound file. It can be a .wav, .aiff, or .mp3 file, and you can easily find a gazillion free sounds on the Internet with a simple search.

After you have your sound file, follow these steps to add a sound to a button:

1. Create the button symbol.

2. Choose File –> Import –> Import to Library to open the Import dialog box.

3. Select the sound file and click Open.

Flash stores the file in the Library.

4. Choose Window –> Library to open the Library.

5. If you aren’t in symbol-editing mode, double-click the button’s icon in the Library to enter symbol-editing mode.

6. Click the Insert Layer button at the bottom of the layer list to add a new layer.

7. Name the new layer Sound or something similar.

8. In the new layer, right-click (Windows) or Control+click (Mac) the frame where you want to place the sound — for example, the Down frame — and choose Insert Keyframe.

9. Display the Property inspector.

Choose Window –> Properties –> Properties to open the Property inspector if it’s not already open. If necessary, expand the Property inspector to its full size.

10. In the Sound drop-down list, select the sound file that you want.

Flash lists all the sounds you’ve imported into the Library. When you select the sound file, you see the sound wave indicator on the sound’s layer in the frame where you inserted the sound.

11. With the new keyframe still selected, click the Sync drop-down list in the Property inspector and choose Event.

The Event setting synchronizes the sound to the occurrence of an event: in this case, the clicking of the button. Event is the default setting.

12. Click the scene name in the upper-left area of the layer list or the back arrow to the left of the scene name.

Flash returns you to the regular Timeline and leaves symbol-editing mode.

13. Drag the button symbol that you just created from the Library to wherever you want the button on the Stage.

You’re finished!

If you’ve already added the sound to another movie, choose File –> Import –> Open External Library and choose the other movie. Click the desired keyframe and drag the sound from the Library to anywhere on the Stage. Flash places the sound in the selected keyframe.