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What You Should Know about Taking the GED Test When English Is Your Second Language

By Murray Shukyn, Dale E. Shuttleworth, Achim K. Krull

The good news is that English doesn’t have to be your first language for you to take the GED test. The GED test is offered in English, Spanish, and French. If you want to take the test in Spanish or French, contact your local GED test administrator so you can apply.

If English, Spanish, or French isn’t your first language, you must decide whether you can read and write English as well as or better than 40 percent of high-school graduates because you may be required to pass an English as a Second Language (ESL) placement test. If you write and read English well, prepare for and take the test (either in English or in Spanish or French).

If you don’t read or write English well, take additional classes to prepare yourself in English until you think you’re ready. An English Language Proficiency Test (ELPT) is also available for people who completed their education in other countries. For more information about the language component of the GED tests, check out www.gedtestingservice.com/testers/special-test-editions.

In many ways, the GED test is like the TOEFL (the Test of English as a Foreign Language) comprehension tests. If you’ve completed the TOEFL tests with good grades, you’re likely ready to take the GED test.

If you haven’t taken the TOEFL tests, enroll in a GED test preparation course to see whether you have difficulty understanding the subjects and skills assessed on the test. GED test courses provide you with some insight into your comprehension ability with a teacher to discuss your skills and struggles.