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Market Timing For Dummies (0470460741) cover image

Market Timing For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-46074-0
360 pages
January 2009
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Part I: Stepping into the World of Market Timing.

Chapter 1: Becoming a Market Timer.

Chapter 2: Peering Inside the Mind of a Market Timer.

Chapter 3: Preparing Yourself and Your Finances for Timing.

Chapter 4: Charting Your Course: The Market Timer’s Edge.

Part II: Market Timing’s Methods and Strategies.

Chapter 5: Timing with the Reports That Move the Markets.

Chapter 6: The Seasons and Cycles That Infl uence the Markets.

Chapter 7: Digging In to Trends, Momentum, and Results.

Chapter 8: Timing with Feeling: Making Market Sentiment Work for You.

Part III: Applying Timing to the Markets.

Chapter 9: Timing in the Real World: Examining a Sample Trade.

Chapter 10: Timing the Stock Market.

Chapter 11: Timing the Bond Market.

Chapter 12: Timing Foreign Markets.

Chapter 13: Timing the Metals, Heavy or Not.

Chapter 14: Timing Commodities: Making Money Down on the Farm.

Chapter 15: Timing Currencies and Related Markets.

Part IV: Timing the Sectors.

Chapter 16: The Timer’s Dream: Sector Investing.

Chapter 17: Timing Financial Service Stocks.

Chapter 18: Timing the Technologies.

Chapter 19: Timing the Energy Sector.

Chapter 20: Timing the Health Care Sector.

Part V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 21: Ten Game Savers to Know and Trust.

Chapter 22: Ten-Plus Awesome Resources.


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