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GURPS For Dummies (047004361X) cover image

GURPS For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-04361-5
410 pages
June 2006
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Part I: Getting Started with GURPS.

Chapter 1: Introducing GURPS—The Generic Universal RolePlaying System.

Chapter 2:  Determining Your Role.

Chapter 3: Laying the Attribute Foundation.

Chapter 4:  Taking Advantages.

Chapter 5:  Finding Your Hero's Flaws.

Chapter 6:  Finalizing Your Character with Skills.

Part II: Enhancing Your Character.

Chapter 7: So You Want to Be a Wizard - Magic.

Chapter 8: Powering Your Character.

Chapter 9: Tackling Tech Level.

Chapter 10: Playing Races Outside the Norm.

Part III: Playing with Your Character.

Chapter 11: Doing Unto Others: Combat.

Chapter 12: Tracking the Details.

Chapter 13: Playing the Role.

Part IV: Running Your Own Adventure.

Chapter 14: Playing the GM.

Chapter 15: Building a Simple Adventure.

Chapter 16: Motivating Players.

Part V: Building Your Own World.

Chapter 17: Creating a Complete Campaign.

Chapter 18: Setting the State for Your World.

Chapter 19: Mapping, Planning, and Plotting.

Chapter 20: Creating Memorable NPCs.

Chapter 21: Flavoring your Campaign.

Part VI: The Parts of Ten.

Chapter 22: Ten Rules for Spending Points.

Chapter 23: Ten Advantages We Like.

Chapter 24: Ten Disadvantages That Aren't Too Painful.



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