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Dungeon Master For Dummies (0470050888) cover image

Dungeon Master For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-05088-0
386 pages
July 2006
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Part I: Running a Great Game.

Chapter 1: The Role of the Dungeon Master.

Chapter 2: Preparing for Play.

Chapter 3: Running the Game.

Chapter 4: Narrating the Adventure.

Chapter 5: Dealing with Players.

Chapter 6: Teaching the Game.

Chapter 7: Sample Dungeon: The Rat Lord’s Lair.

Part II: Advanced Dungeon Mastering.

Chapter 8: Running an Ongoing Game.

Chapter 9: Knowing the Players.

Chapter 10: Choosing Your Game Style.

Chapter 11: Creating Excitement at the Game Table.

Chapter 12: Growing Your Game.

Chapter 13: Using Every Available Resource.

Part III: Creating Adventures.

Chapter 14: Tools of the Trade.

Chapter 15: The Dungeon Adventure.

Chapter 16: The Wilderness Adventure.

Chapter 17: The Event-Based Adventure.

Chapter 18: The Randomly Generated Adventure.

Chapter 19: The High-Level Adventure.

Chapter 20: Sample Dungeon: The Necromancer’s Apprentice.

Part IV: Building a Campaign.

Chapter 21: Building a Continuous Story.

Chapter 22: Creating Memorable Villains.

Chapter 23: Bringing the World to Life.

Part V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 24: Ten Best Classic Adventures.

Chapter 25: Ten Best Dungeon Magazine Adventures.

Chapter 26: Ten Best 3rd Edition Adventures.

Chapter 27: Ten Challenging Traps.

Chapter 28: Ten Ready-to-Use Encounters.

Chapter 29: Ten Things to Avoid When DMing.

Chapter 30: Ten Things to Do All the Time When DMing.


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