How to Zoom around Your QuarkXPress Layout - dummies

How to Zoom around Your QuarkXPress Layout

By Jay J. Nelson

The two navigation techniques that you use the most when laying out pages in QuarkXPress are zooming in and out of a page (also known as changing view percentage) and panning around a page. Because these actions are so common, you find tools for them at the bottom of the Tools palette. The Zoom tool looks like a magnifying glass and the Pan tool looks like a hand.

Using the Pan tool

Using the Pan tool is as simple as can be: Hold your mouse button down on the page and drag around. This is handy when you’re zoomed in so far that you can’t see the entire page.

Using the scroll bars

Just as you do in any window on your computer, if you have more to see than can fit in the window, you can drag the scroll box in the vertical and horizontal scroll bars to see what’s out of sight. You can also click the empty area outside the scroll box to jump one screenful in that direction.

Using the Page Up and Page Down keys

If your keyboard has special keys marked Page Up and Page Down, you can use those keys to quickly scroll through your layout pages:

  • Page Up: Scroll one screenful up
  • Page Down: Scroll one screenful down
  • Shift+Page Up: Go to previous page
  • Shift+Page Down: Go to next page

Using the Zoom tool

The Zoom tool works as you might expect: Click on the page to zoom into that area. (It zooms 25 percent at a time, but you can change this amount in the Tools section of the QuarkXPress Preferences.) But the Zoom tool also has a couple of hidden tricks:

  • To zoom out of a page, hold down the Option (Mac) or Alt (Windows) or key while clicking with the Zoom tool.
  • To enlarge a particular area to fill your document window, click and drag with the Zoom tool around that area, rather than simply clicking that area. A marquee appears as you drag, and when you let go of your mouse, that area fills your window.

Zooming (even better) with your keyboard and mouse

Although you can also choose various view percentages from the View menu, or use the Zoom and Pan tools, a faster way to zoom in and out of your page is to use your keyboard and mouse instead. Here’s how:

  • Zoom into an area: Hold down Control (Mac) or Ctrl+Shift (Windows) and drag a marquee around an area of your page. QuarkXPress magnifies that area to fill your window, or to 8000 percent, whichever comes first.
  • Pan around your page: Press Option (Mac) or Alt+spacebar (Windows) and drag. This gives you the Pan tool until you let up on the key.
  • Zoom into an item: You can also zoom in by pressing Command/Ctrl++ (plus sign) and zoom out with Command/Ctrl-– (minus sign). The + and – sign keys are to the right of the 0 key on your keyboard. Each time you press these keys, you zoom in or out in 25 percent increments, but you can change that amount in the Zoom Tool setting in the Tools section of the QuarkXPress Preferences.
  • Zoom to a precise view percentage: Press Control/Ctrl+V to highlight the View Percentage area at the bottom-left corner of your document window and then type any view percentage you’d like.

    The View Percentage field isn’t limited to numbered percentages; you can type T to view your document as Thumbnails!

  • Fit page in window: Press Command-0 (Mac) or Ctrl+0 (Windows).
  • Fit the Pasteboard and the page (or spread if there is one) in window: Press Option-Command-0 (Mac) or Alt+Ctrl+0 (Windows).
  • 100% (Actual Size) view: Press Command-1 (Mac) or Ctrl+1 (Windows).

On a Mac that has a trackpad, you can zoom out by pinching with two fingers, or zoom in by spreading two fingers apart. When a picture box is selected and the Picture Content tool is active, you can use two fingers to rotate the picture inside its box.