Using Auto Save and Auto Backup in QuarkXPress - dummies

Using Auto Save and Auto Backup in QuarkXPress

By Jay J. Nelson

If you don’t trust yourself to save your projects often enough as you work on them, you can enable QuarkXPress’s Auto Save, or the Auto Backup feature, or both.

When you enable Auto Save, it automatically saves a temporary copy of your project in the background as you work, at whatever time interval you set in Preferences. If your computer crashes, QuarkXPress offers to open the automatically saved version the next time you open your project.

Auto Backup creates a new copy of your project every time you save it and keeps each of the previous copies you’ve saved (up to the number you enter in Preferences). If you decide that your recent changes to a project are awful, you can close it and open one of the previously saved versions, which are stored either in the same folder as your project or in a different folder that you specify in Preferences.

To enable these features and adjust their settings, choose QuarkXPress →Preferences (Mac) or Edit  →Preferences (Windows). In the Application area of the Preferences dialog box, click Open and Save. Choose the Auto Save and Auto Backup settings you prefer and click OK.

In any case, even if you don’t enable Auto Save or Auto Backup, QuarkXPress 2016 silently saves a backup of your last ten opened documents. You find them in the Quark_Backup folder that QuarkXPress creates for you in the Documents folder on your hard drive.

If you change your Preferences settings while a project is open, these preferences will apply to only this project. If you change them while no project is open, these preferences will apply to all new projects.