Examining the Scrivener Screen - dummies

Examining the Scrivener Screen

By Gwen Hernandez

Part of Scrivener For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The Scrivener screen has a few elements to it that might look different if you’re used to a traditional word processor’s screen. The major parts of the Scrivener interface (shown in this figure) include

  • Menu bar: A collection of menus containing all of the commands available in Scrivener.

  • Toolbar: The buttons on this bar are shortcuts for popular menu commands.

  • Binder button: Click this button to view the Binder.

  • Inspector button: Click this button to view the Inspector.

  • Binder: Displays a hierarchical list of all the files in your project.

  • Format bar: Contains shortcut buttons for common text and paragraph formatting commands.

  • Header bar: Displays the title of the active document and provides shortcuts to several document commands.

  • Inspector: Displays extra data about the active document.

  • Editor: Where you view, write, and edit the active document.

  • Footer bar: Provides additional information about the selected document, as well as shortcuts to several menu commands.