Navigate a Word 2007 Document with Keyboard Keys

By Dan Gookin

The Word 2007 window usually shows you only part of a document at a time, so you can use the keyboard to navigate to different parts of the document. Then you can place the insertion pointer in the exact spot you want in the Word 2007 document.

Move around Word with basic arrow keys

You can take advantage of the keyboard’s cursor keys to quickly move the insertion pointer to any position in a document. The four basic arrow keys move the insertion pointer up, down, right, and left.

Press This Key To Move the Cursor Here
Up to the preceding line of text
Down to the next line of text
Right to the next character
Left to the preceding character

Use arrow-key combinations to navigate in Word

If you press and hold the Ctrl (Control) key and then press an arrow key, you enter hyperjump mode. The supercharged insertion pointer leaps desperately in all four directions:

Press This Key Combination To Move the Cursor Here
Ctrl+↑ Up to the beginning of the previous paragraph
Ctrl+↓ Down to the beginning of the next paragraph
Ctrl+→ Right to the beginning (first letter) of the next word
Ctrl+← Left to the beginning (first letter) of the previous word

You can use either set of arrow keys on the computer keyboard, but when using the numeric keypad, ensure that the Num Lock light is off. (Do this by pressing the Num Lock key.) If you don’t, you see numbers in your text rather than the insertion pointer dancing all over —like444this.

Move from beginning to end in a Word document

End and Home move the insertion pointer to the start or end of something, depending on how they’re used.

Key or Combination To Whisk the Insertion Pointer Here
End To the end of a line of text
Home To the beginning of a line of text
Ctrl+End To the end of the document
Ctrl+Home To the tippy-top of a document

Move by using the Word PgUp and PgDn keys

You might think that the Page Up or PgUp key moves a document up one page and that the Page Down or PgDn key moves a document down. Rather than slide the document around a page at a time, these keys move things one screen at a time:

Press This Key or Key Combination To Move the Insertion Pointer Here
PgUp Up one screen
PgDn Down one screen
Ctrl+Alt+PgUp To the top of the current screen
Ctrl+Alt+PgDn To the bottom of the current screen