How to Use Full Screen Reading View in Word 2007 - dummies

How to Use Full Screen Reading View in Word 2007

By Dan Gookin

Full Screen Reading view is a great way to review and collaborate on documents with others. Word 2007 provides this special mode for documents that you just want to read, and not edit.

  1. Click the Full Screen Reading command button.


    The document switches to Full Screen Reading view, appearing in a special side-by-side page format. Only a thin toolbar remains in Full Screen Reading mode. You can do some things in this mode, but mostly you read.


    • Use the gizmo in the top-center area of the screen to go from page to page, or use the arrows that appear in the lower-right and -left corners.

    • Use the PgUp or Up Arrow key to see the previous page(s); use PgDn or Down Arrow to see the next page.

    • The Home and End keys move you to the start and end of your document, respectively.

    • The View Options menu contains commands to help enlarge or reduce text size.

    • You can also use the View Options menu to view a document one page at a time or read the document as it will be printed on the page (which is harder to see).

  2. To exit Full Screen Reading mode, choose the Close button.

    This button is located in the upper-right corner of the window.