How to Protect a Word 2007 Document - dummies

By Doug Lowe

Word 2007 offers document protection to allow you to prevent a document from being used or edited in unauthorized ways. For example, say you want someone to review a document but not add to or delete anything from it. Or, maybe you want to assign authoring rights to yourself and editing rights to someone else.

The simplest way to protect a document in Word 2007 is via the Properties menu. Right-click the document’s icon and choose Properties. In the Attributes section of the Properties dialog box that appears, enable the Read-only check box and then click OK.

For more sophisticated options, use the Protect Document feature.

  1. On the Review tab of the Ribbon, in the Protect group, click the Protect Document button.


    A menu opens with these options:

    • Restrict Viewing Options

    • Restrict Permission

Permissions require Microsoft Credentials. For now, stick with the viewing options.


  1. Click to put a mark next to the Restrict Formatting and Editing option.

    A task pane opens on the right side of the document, in which you can set the following:

    • Formatting Restrictions: Set the styles to a limited set. Click the Settings link here to open the Formatting Restrictions dialog box, make your choices there, and click OK to exit.


    • Editing Restrictions: Allow only certain kinds of changes. Mark the check box to enable the drop-down list of choices, such as tracked changes or comments.


    • Start Enforcement: Click this button to begin enforcement.

  2. In the Start Enforcing Protection dialog box that opens, select one:

    • Password

    • User Authentication


    Click OK to exit the dialog box, and click the close button of the task pane to close it.