How to Insert a Watermark in Word 2013 - dummies

How to Insert a Watermark in Word 2013

By Lois Lowe

Watermarks, which display a faint picture or text phrase behind the regular text, are used for a variety of purposes in documents, including Word 2013 documents. Some high-end paper has an embossed logo on it, and a watermark created via computer can approximate that look. Watermarks are also used to mark documents with designations, such as DRAFT or CONFIDENTIAL.

Watermarks are stored in a document’s header/footer, so you can edit a watermark, including adjusting its position, when in Header and Footer editing mode.

  1. In an open document, choose Design→Watermark→Draft 1.

    You might need to scroll down on the list to find Draft 1. The word DRAFT appears in gray behind the text on each page.


  2. Choose Design→Watermark→Remove Watermark.

  3. Choose Design→Watermark→Custom Watermark.

    The Printed Watermark dialog box opens.

  4. Select the Text Watermark option; in the Text box, delete the existing text and type Lawrence College; and then click OK.


    The watermark is inserted.

  5. Double-click the document’s header area to enter Header and Footer editing mode and then click the watermark twice to select it.

    Notice that selection handles appear around the watermark.

    A watermark is really just a piece of WordArt; you can edit its text — including rotating it, changing its color, and so on — as you would any WordArt. Notice that the WordArt Tools Format tab becomes available when you select the watermark.

  6. Choose WordArt Tools Format→WordArt Shape Fill and then click the Red, Accent 2, Lighter 80% color.


    For more practice, try some of the other WordArt formatting options on the watermark, such as WordArt Styles or Change Shape.

  7. Choose Header & Footer Tools Design→Close Header and Footer to return to normal editing.

  8. Save the document and close it.