How to Find Stuff You Can’t Type in Word 2007 - dummies

How to Find Stuff You Can’t Type in Word 2007

By Dan Gookin

Word 2007 makes it easy to find special, unprintable characters in your documents. Using the Find and Replace dialog box, you can search for things like tabs, paragraph marks, carets, white space, and other things you can’t create from the keyboard.

  1. Summon the Find and Replace dialog box.


    If necessary, click the More button to see all of the options in the dialog box.

  2. Click the Special button.


    Some items on the list may not be recognizable to you. Here are some of the handier ones:

    • Any Character, Any Digit, and Any Letter are special characters that represent, well, just about anything. These items can be used as wildcards for matching a lot of stuff.

    • Caret Character allows you to search for a caret (^) symbol, which is a special character. If you type just the caret symbol itself (^), Word thinks that you’re trying to type something special.

    • Paragraph Mark (¶) is a special character that’s the same as the Enter character — what you press to end a paragraph.

    • Tab Character is the character that moves the cursor to the next tab mark.

    • White Space is any number of blank characters: one or more spaces, tabs, empty lines, or a combination of each one.

  3. Select an item from the list.

    Choose one of the items to search for that special character. When you do, a special, funky shorthand representation for that character (such as ^t for Tab) appears in the Find What box.

  4. Click the Find Next button.

    Word searches for that character in your document.