Upload Documents into Folders with SharePoint 2010 - dummies

Upload Documents into Folders with SharePoint 2010

You can use folders within your SharePoint 2010 document libraries as a means to organize your documents. So maybe you have a document library and you have a subset of files that only supervisors should see. You could put those files in a separate document library and set the permissions on that library.

But say you already have one library set up the way you like and it seems silly to create another one. Instead, you can use a folder to separate the restricted files from the rest of the files in the library.

To create a folder within a document library:

  1. Browse to your document library where you want to create the folder.

  2. Click the New Folder button in the Documents tab of the SharePoint Ribbon.

    The New Folder window appears. If you don’t see the New Folder button, folders are disabled for the library. Use the Advanced Settings option in Library Settings to enable or disable folders in your library.

  3. Type the name of the folder in the Name field and click the Save button.

    The folder appears in the document library.

To upload files into the folder:

  1. Click the folder name to navigate inside it and then click the Upload Document button on the Document tab of the Ribbon.

    The Upload Document window appears.

  2. Browse to the document you want to upload to the folder.

  3. Make sure the Folder field lists the folder where you want to upload the document.

    If the folder is incorrect, click the Choose Folder button to select the right folder.

  4. Click OK to upload your document to the folder.


You can work with folders the same way as you work with documents. That is, the rules about working with properties and the Ribbon also apply to folders.

To restrict access to your folder so that only certain groups can access it:

  1. Click the drop-down arrow on the folder name and choose Manage Permissions.

    The Permissions page appears.


  2. Click the Stop Inheriting Permissions button and then click OK on the dialog box warning you that you’re creating unique permissions for this folder.

  3. Set the desired permissions for the folder.