SharePoint 2010's Table of Contents Web Part - dummies

SharePoint 2010’s Table of Contents Web Part

The Table of Contents Web Part is one of three Web Parts provided by SharePoint 2010’s publishing sites to display content. The Table of Contents Web Part is used frequently to display a sitemap or provide navigation for a subsite. No surprise: The Table of Contents Web Part is in the Navigation category when you insert it on a page.

The Table of Contents Web Part has three main sections in the configuration pane:

  • Content: Use this section to select where in the site hierarchy the Web Part displays. Enter the path to the page where you want to Table of Contents to begin in the Start From field. You can choose how many levels to display in the Table of Contents by using the Levels to Show drop-down list.

  • Presentation: This section controls how the items display. You can choose to display everything in a single column or multiple columns and select how the header is styled by selecting an option from the Header Style drop-down list.

  • Organization: Decide how you want the items sorted by selecting either the Sort Contents as They Are Sorted in Navigation or the Sort Contents Using the Following Settings radio button. If you choose the latter option, select applicable options from the Sort Sites By, Sort Pages By, and Sort Direction drop-down lists.