SharePoint 2010 Master Pages and Page Layouts Gallery

If you’re in a SharePoint 2010 collaboration site collection, you may note the Master Page gallery in Galleries, but there isn’t a link to apply a master page in the Look and Feel section.

In publishing sites, you have a Master Page and Page Layouts gallery as well as a Master Page option in the Look and Feel section. The Master Page link allows you to apply a different master page as well as upload an alternate style sheet.

To view the contents of the Master Pages and Page Layouts Gallery:

  1. Choose Site Actions→Site Settings.

  2. Click the Master Pages and Page Layouts link in the Galleries section.

    Several folders appear as well as library items that end in either .master (master pages) or .aspx (page layouts).


  3. Note the property fields shown for the files.

    Showing in this library are the content type of the page (for page layouts, you may see Welcome Page and Article Page content types). You also see whether the file’s approval status — Draft, Pending, or Approved. Remember, if someone is editing a page and it isn’t published and approved, other users may not see recent changes.

  4. To view the contents of a file, click the Library tab on the Ribbon under Library Tools and then click the Open with Explorer option.

    The files appear in a folder window. You can right-click and choose Open with Notepad to view the content. Do not edit these files, but you can copy and paste the content into your own Notepad file for review.

  5. Close the folder window when you’re done.