Microsoft Project 2010 Shortcut Keys - dummies

Microsoft Project 2010 Shortcut Keys

By Nancy C. Muir

Part of Microsoft Project 2010 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Microsoft Project 2010 maximizes efficiency as you manage projects — but Project 2010 shortcuts also save you time at the keyboard: Here are some shortcut keys you’ll use all the time when building and working with a Project plan.

Keystroke Result
Insert Inserts new task
Ctrl+K Inserts hyperlink
F7 Begins spell check
Alt+F10 Assigns resources
Shift+F2 Opens the Task Information dialog box
F1 Opens Microsoft Project Help
Ctrl+F Displays the Find dialog box
Ctrl+F2 Links selected tasks
Ctrl+G Displays the Go To dialog box
Ctrl+H Displays the Replace dialog box
Ctrl+Z Undoes the previous action
Ctrl+Y Redoes the undone action
Ctrl+P Displays the Print preview in the Backstage
Ctrl+N Opens a new blank Project
Ctrl+O Opens the Open dialog box
Ctrl+S Saves the file