How to Use Team Planner in Project 2013 - dummies

How to Use Team Planner in Project 2013

By Cynthia Snyder Stackpole

The Team Planner view in Project 2013 you can help ensure that you’ve distributed work among resources in a manageable way. To change to Team Planner view, click the bottom half of the Gantt Chart button on the Task tab of the Ribbon and then click Team Planner.

Or, if you’re working on the Resource tab, click the Team Planner button on the far left side. This view enables you to move assignments among resources, assign tasks that haven’t been assigned, and even schedule tasks that haven’t been scheduled.

One thing you may notice after making resource assignments is that a little Person icon appears as an indicator beside certain tasks in Gantt Chart view. If you switch to a resource-oriented view, you may see that certain resource names now display in red. These changes are Project’s way of indicating resources in danger of being overbooked in the plan.


When two or more tasks assigned to a resource overlap and cause the resource to be overbooked (or overallocated), thin red bars appear above and below the overbooked period. Team Planner view also shows you any tasks that are unassigned or lack enough schedule information to be scheduled.

To view unassigned tasks, drag the bar at the bottom that shows the number of unassigned tasks up, dropping it to split the view the way you want.

From there, you can drag and drop to correct a number of schedule issues, and you can use the following techniques in any combination:

  • To fix a resource overallocation: Drag an overlapping task to the left or right to change its schedule. If you want to reassign the task to another resource, drag the task up or down to that resource.

  • To assign an unassigned task: Drag the task up to the row for the resource to which you want to assign the task.

  • To schedule an unscheduled task: Drag the task to the right, to the timescale portion of the view, and then drop the task into a schedule position.

Team Planner view is only one tool you can use to handle overbooked resources.

Dragging horizontally in Team Planner view changes the task schedule, whereas dragging vertically from one resource to another changes the task assignment.

After you have a workable version of the project schedule, ensure that your resources agree to their assignments. You can send the entire project plan to resources as an e-mail attachment or sync it with SharePoint.