Presentation Tips and Tricks for PowerPoint 2016 - dummies

Presentation Tips and Tricks for PowerPoint 2016

By Doug Lowe

During an onscreen PowerPoint 2016 slide show, you can use the keyboard and mouse to control your presentation. The following tables list the keys and clicks that you can use.

Keyboard Tricks for Your Slide Show
To Do This Press Any of These Keys
Display next slide Enter, spacebar, Page Down, or N
Display preceding slide Backspace, Page Up, or P
Display first slide 1+Enter
Display specific slide Slide number+Enter
Toggle screen black B or . (period)
Toggle screen white W or , (comma)
Show or hide pointer A or = (equal sign)
Erase screen doodles E
Stop or restart automatic show S or + (plus sign)
Display next slide even if hidden H
Display specific hidden slide Slide number of hidden slide+Enter
Change pen to arrow Ctrl+A
Change arrow to pen Ctrl+P
End slide show Esc, Ctrl+Break (the Break key doubles as the Pause key), or
– (minus)
Mouse Tricks for Your Slide Show
To Do This Do This
Display next slide Click.
Move through slides Roll the wheel on your mouse (if your mouse has a wheel).
Call up menu of actions Right-click.
Display first slide Hold down both mouse buttons for two seconds.
Use the laser pointer Hold down the Ctrl key and then hold the left mouse button and
move the mouse.
Doodle Press Ctrl+P to change the mouse arrow to a pen and then draw
onscreen like John Madden.

If the cursor is hidden, you can summon it by jiggling the mouse. Then, when the cursor is visible, a faint menu appears in the lower-left corner of the slide. You can use this menu to activate various slide show features.