Moving Among Slides in a PowerPoint 2007 Presentation

By Doug Lowe

As you are creating your PowerPoint 2007 presentation, you may need to move back and forth among your PowerPoint slides. The most common way to move in a PowerPoint presentation is to press the Page Down and Page Up keys:

  • Page Down moves you forward to the next slide in your presentation.

  • Page Up moves you backward to the preceding slide in your presentation.

You can also use the vertical scrollbar on the right side of the window to navigate through your presentation:

  • Double-headed arrows: Move forward or backward through your presentation one slide at a time by clicking the double-headed arrows at the bottom of the vertical scrollbar.

  • Single-headed arrows: Scroll forward or backward through your presentation by clicking and holding the single-headed arrow at the top or bottom of the vertical scrollbar. Tip: If the zoom factor is set so that a single slide is visible in the presentation window, clicking the single-headed arrows moves to the next or previous slide.

  • Scroll box: Click the scroll box within the vertical scroll bar and drag it up or down by left-clicking. When you drag the box, a ToolTip pops up next to the slide bar to tell you which slide will be displayed if you release the button at that position.