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Office 2007 For Seniors For Dummies Cheat Sheet

From Microsoft Office 2007 For Seniors For Dummies

By Faithe Wempen

As a senior working in Office 2007, take advantage of using shortcuts in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Standard Word to save time and boost efficiency.

Office 2007: Microsoft Word Shortcuts

Whether you’re a senior, a junior, or somewhere in between, saving time while word-processing in Office 2007 is a must. These Microsoft Word shortcuts for your keyboard or mouse get office work done quickly:

To Do This With the Mouse With the Keyboard
Insert page break Insert→Pages→Page Break Ctrl+Enter
Show/hide non-printing symbols Home→Font→ Ctrl+*
Clear formatting Home→Font→Clear Formatting Ctrl+spacebar
Set page margins Page Layout→Page Setup→Margins Alt+P, M
Number pages Insert→Header & Footer→Page Number Alt+N, N, U
Indent a paragraph (all lines). Home→Paragraph→Increase Indent Alt+H, A, I
Indent paragraph (first line only) n/a Tab (at beginning of paragraph)

Office 2007 Shortcuts for PowerPoint, Excel, and Standard Word

Office 2007 has myriad shortcuts for Excel, PowerPoint, and Standard Word. Using Office 2007 shortcuts help you run your applications more efficiently.

To Do This With the Mouse With the Keyboard
Open file Office→Open Ctrl+O
Print current document Office→Print Ctrl+P
Save your work Office→Save As
Save button on Quick Access toolbar
Copy selection to the Clipboard Home→Clipboard→Copy
Right-click and choose Copy
Cut selection to Clipboard Home→Clipboard→Cut
Right-click and choose Cut
Paste selection to Clipboard Home→Clipboard→Paste
Right-click and choose Paste
Select all content Word or PowerPoint:
Home→Editing→Select→Select All
Excel: Click box at intersection of row numbers and column
Left-align a paragraph Home→Paragraph→Left Align Ctrl+L
Center a paragraph Home→Paragraph→Center Ctrl+E
Right-align a paragraph Home→Paragraph→Right Align Ctrl+R
Make text bold Home→Font→Bold
Right-click and click the Bold button
Make text italicized Home→Font→Italic
Right-click and click the Italic button
Open Find dialog box Home→Editing→Find Ctrl+F
Open Replace dialog box Home→Editing→Replace Ctrl+H
Undo previous action Undo button on Quick Access toolbar Ctrl+Z
Redo previous Undo Redo button on Quick Access toolbar Ctrl+Y