Printing Particular Parts of an Excel 2007 Workbook

By Greg Harvey

Within Excel 2007’s Print dialog box are the Print Range and Print What sections (in which you can select how much of the information is printed), and the Copies section, in which you can change the number of copies printed. Here’s what you can find in these areas and how you use their options.

To display the Print dialog box, click the Office button and choose Print (or press Ctrl+P).

Specify what parts of the workbook to print in the Print dialog box.
Specify what parts of the workbook to print in the Print dialog box.
  • All: When the All option button is selected, all the pages in the current worksheet will print. Because this is the default choice, you would only need to select it if you previously printed a portion of the document by selecting the Page(s) option button.

  • Page(s): At times you may need to print only a page or range of pages. To print a single page, enter its page number in both the From and To text boxes here or select these page numbers with the spinner buttons. To print a range of pages, put the first page number in the From text box and the last page number in the To text box.

  • Selection: Select this option button to have Excel print just the cells that are currently selected in your workbook. (Yes, you must remember to select these cells before opening the Print dialog box and choosing this printing option.)

  • Active Sheet(s): Excel automatically selects this option button and prints all the information in whatever worksheets are active in your workbook. Normally, this means printing just the data in the current worksheet. To print other worksheets in the workbook when this option button is selected, hold down Ctrl while you click the sheet’s tab. To include all the sheets between two sheet tabs, click the first one and then hold Shift while you click the last tab.

  • Entire Workbook: Select this option button to have Excel print all the data in each of the worksheets in your workbook.

  • Table: Select this option button to have Excel print only the data range that you formatted as a table. Note that this option button is unavailable if your worksheet doesn’t contain any tables.

  • Ignore Print Areas: Select this check box when you want one of the other Print What options (Selection, Active Sheet(s), Entire Workbook, or Table) that you selected to be used in the printing rather than the Print Area you defined.

  • Number of Copies: To print more than one copy of the report, enter the number of copies you want to print in the Number of Copies text box — or use the spinner buttons to select the required number.

  • Collate: When you collate pages, you simply make separate stacks of each complete report, rather than print all copies of page one, and then all copies of page two, and so on. To have Excel collate each copy of the report for you, select the Collate check box.