Hot Keys for Common Excel 2013 View Commands - dummies

Hot Keys for Common Excel 2013 View Commands

By Greg Harvey

Part of Excel 2013 All-in-One For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The hot key combination for all view-related commands in Excel 2013 is Alt+W (the last letter you see in vieW). Therefore, all the hot keys for switching the Excel worksheet into a new view begin with Alt+W. After you know that, you’ll find most of the subsequent letters fairly easy to deal with.

Hot Key Excel Ribbon Command Function
Alt+WL View→Normal View Returns the worksheet to Normal view from Page Layout or Page
Break Preview
Alt+WP View→Page Layout View Puts the worksheet into Page Layout view, showing the page
breaks, margins, and rulers
Alt+WI View→Page Break Preview Puts the worksheet into Page Break Preview, showing pages
breaks that you can adjust
Alt+WC View→Custom View Opens the Custom Views dialog box, where you can add or display
custom views of the worksheet, including zoom settings, frozen
panes, windows, and so forth
Alt+WVG View→Gridlines Hides and redisplays the row and column gridlines that form the
cells in the Worksheet area
Alt+WG View→Zoom to Selection Zooms the Worksheet area in or out to the magnification
percentage needed to display just the cell selection
Alt+WJ View→100% Returns the Worksheet area to the default 100% magnification
Alt+WN View→New Window Inserts a new window in the current workbook
Alt+WA View→Arrange All Opens the Arrange dialog box, where you can select how workbook
windows are displayed on the screen
Alt+WF View→Freeze Panes Opens the Freeze Panes drop-down menu, where you select how to
freeze rows and columns in the Worksheet area: Freeze Panes (to
freeze all the rows above and columns to the left of the cell
cursor); Freeze Top Row; or Freeze First Column
Alt+WS View→Split Splits the worksheet into four panes using the top and left
edge of the cell cursor as the vertical and horizontal dividing
lines — press hot keys again to remove all panes
Alt+WH View→Hide Hides the current worksheet window or workbook
Alt+WU View→Unhide Opens the Unhide dialog box, where you can select the window or
workbook to redisplay
Alt+WB View→View Side by Side Tiles two open windows or workbooks one above the other for
comparison — press the hot keys again to restore the original
full windows
Alt+WW View→Switch Windows Opens the Switch Windows drop-down menu, where you can select
the open window or workbook to make active