Word 2011 for Mac: Create Master Pages in Publishing Layout View

By Geetesh Bajaj, James Gordon

Word 2011 for Mac takes the concept of a master page to a new level in Publishing Layout view. A master page is a kind of template page within an Office 2011 for Mac Word document. Whatever you put on the master page is duplicated on any pages that are based on it. Master pages are a way to maintain a consistent feel throughout your document as you add new pages.

If you use master pages, you can save time by not having to re-create page elements, such as page numbers, headers, and footers, with each new page as you build your publication.

The School Newsletter template in the Word Document Gallery uses Master Pages, so it can be used as an example. To see the master pages, click the Master Pages tab near the bottom-right corner of the window. Remember that these tabs show only in Publishing Layout view. The Insert button in the Layout tab of the Ribbon assists you with adding pages while maintaining the layout. To insert a new page based on the master, take these steps:

  1. With a document open in Publishing Layout view, click the All Contents tab in the lower-right corner of the document window.

    The All Contents tab shows you the contents of the document you’re building.

  2. On the Ribbon, click the Layout tab. In the Pages group, click the little triangle to the right of the Add button.

    Choose from one of the following options:

    * New Page: Inserts a new page based on a master template.

    * New Master: Allows you to create a new master page out of the current page. You can have multiple masters.

    * Duplicate Page: Creates a duplicate of the current page.

    A Master Page in an Office 2011 for Mac Word document.

Switch back and forth between all contents and master pages by clicking the tabs at the lower-right corner of the document window. When you select the Master Pages tab, the Master Pages Options group on the Layout tab of the Ribbon becomes available and offers three options:

  • Different First Page: Allows the first page to be formatted independently of the rest of the master.

  • Different Odd and Even Pages: Use this when setting up documents that will have pages that face each other when printed and you want to use a gutter or opposing page numbers.

  • Link Previous: Keeps formatting the same as the previous master page when you add a new master page. If you only have one master page, this option is grayed out.

    The Master Page Options in the ribbon at the top of a Word document.