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Office 2011 for Mac: Printing Options in Word

By Geetesh Bajaj, James Gordon

When you want more than a printout with the default of every Word 2011 for Mac printer setting, you can find more options by choosing File→Print or pressing Command-P to bring up the Print dialog. You can even find an option here to expose every possible printer control.


Picking a printer in Word 2011 for Mac

The Printer pop-up menu enables you to choose from three options:

  • List of printers: All available printers are shown, and you can choose which one to use.

  • Add Printer: Opens the Mac OS X printer options dialog and allows you to add a printer.

  • Print and Fax Preferences: Opens the Mac OS X Print & Fax system preferences dialog.

Picking a set of preset printing options in Word 2011 for Mac

The Presets pop-up menu enables you to choose from several different printing presets:

  • Standard: Most of the time, this is the best one to use.

  • Last Used Settings: Might be the one for you if you have some special customized presets.

  • List of Customized Presets: If you’ve created customized presets in the advanced printing options, you can choose one of them.

Printing to PDF in Word 2011 for Mac

One of the really neat things about having a Mac is that every application that can print prints to PDF (Portable Document Format). Word is no exception, except that in Word, you can choose File→Save As and in the Format pop-up menu, choose PDF.

Unless you need one of the other PDF options in the following list, you don’t have to go through the Print dialog to make a PDF. Here’s a rundown on the PDF printing options:

  • Save as PDF: Opens the Save dialog to save your document as PDF.

  • Save as PostScript: Opens the Save dialog to save your document as a .ps postscript file. A PostScript printer is needed to print the file.

  • Fax PDF: Opens the Print dialog to a Mac OS X Fax cover sheet. If your Mac has a dialup modem, you can use this option to fax your file.

  • Mail PDF: Opens an e-mail message in Apple Mail, not Microsoft Outlook, and adds the PDF as an attachment.

  • Save as PDF-X: This option flattens transparency and changes colors to CYMK.

  • Save PDF to iPhoto: Creates a PDF and sends the PDF to iPhoto.

  • Save PDF to Web Receipts Folder: Creates a PDF and puts it into your Web Receipts folder.

  • Edit Menu: Allows you to add custom PDF workflows. Click the Help button in the Print dialog for more details.

Previewing in Mac OS X Preview

The Print dialog is standard for all applications that can print. Mac OS X offers a preview of your document when you click the Preview button. The File→Print Preview command path is no longer available.