Numbering Headings in Word 2007 Multilevel Lists

By Doug Lowe

If you want to add numbers to the headings in a Word 2007 document, you do so by changing the heading styles to a multilevel list.

1Locate the Multilevel List button on the Ribbon.

2Click the Multilevel List button.

3Click Define New Multilevel List to create a list, but leave the Define New Multilevel List dialog box open.

The Define New Multilevel List dialog box abounds with options. Click More to see all options.

4Select a level for your list, and then select the heading style you want to associate with it from the Link Level to Style drop-down list.

You can associate the level with any style; heading styles are most commonly used.

5Repeat the first two steps for each level in your list.

You don’t have to assign Heading 1 to level 1 and Heading 2 to level 2 and so on, but it sure makes the most sense.

6Adjust any other settings you’d like to work with.

Most of these aren’t that difficult; they’re simply not needed most of the time.

7Click OK.

The multilevel list now appears in your List Library, and the heading styles in your document have now been updated to use that numbering pattern.