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How to Find Text in Word 2010 Based on Formatting

By Dan Gookin

Word 2010’s Find command can scour your document for formatting information. For example, if you want to find only those instances of the word lie in boldface type, you can do that. Search for any of Word’s formatting options in your document. Suppose that you want to find a red herring in your document.

1Summon the Find and Replace dialog box.

You can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+G.

2Click the Find tab.

That tab hops front and center.

3Type "red herring" in the Find What text box.

If you want to search only for a format, leave the Find What text box blank. That way, you can search for formatting attributes without caring what the text reads.

If needed, click the More button to display the bottom part of the Find and Replace dialog box.

4If the No Formatting button is available, click it.

This button is used to clear any previous formatting attributes you may have searched for. If the button can be clicked, click it to clear out those attributes and start afresh.

5Click the Format button.

The Format pop-up menu appears.

6Choose Font from the pop-up menu.

You can also search for paragraph formatting, such as an indented paragraph, by choosing Paragraph rather than Font from the Format pop-up menu.

When you choose Font, the Find Font dialog box appears, which is where you set or control various text attributes. Say that the red herring you’re searching for is 24 points tall.

7Select 24 from the Size list.

Look in the upper-right corner of the Find Font dialog box for this list.

8Choose any other format options you want from the Format button.

Yes, you can search for more than one formatting attribute at a time.

9Click OK.

The Find Font dialog box goes away, and you return to the Find and Replace dialog box. The text Format: Font: 24 pt appears just beneath the Find What text box. That bit of text is telling you that Word is now geared up to find only text that’s 24 points tall — about twice the normal size.

10Click the Find Next button to find your formatted text.

Word remembers your formatting options! The next time you want to search for plain text, first click the No Formatting button. Doing so removes the formatting options and allows you to search for text in any format. If you forget to clear out the formatting before you begin your next search, don’t be surprised if Word can’t find your text.