How to Customize Bullets in Word 2007 Bulleted Lists - dummies

How to Customize Bullets in Word 2007 Bulleted Lists

By Doug Lowe

The quickest way to create a custom bulleted list in Word 2007 is to change the formatting of an existing (or automatically created) bulleted list. Word automatically formats text as a bulleted list when you begin a paragraph with * or > or -> or <> or – followed by a space, Word changes what you typed to a bullet and a tab, adds a bullet character by the paragraph, and creates a ¼-inch hanging indent. (If the paragraphs already have hanging indents, the original settings are preserved.)

1Hover your mouse pointer over the little downward arrow next to the Bullet button.

The Bullet button (first one in the upper row of buttons on the Ribbon’s Paragraph tab) offers a tooltip.

2Click the arrow next to the Bullets button to reveal the gallery of bullet styles.

The Bullet Library portion of the gallery shows (and stores) your favorite bullets.

3If you have other open documents with bulleted lists, check them to see whether they have bullets you like.

The Document Bullets section lists all bullets in all documents currently open.

4To add a bullet to your Bullet Library, right-click the bullet and choose Add to Library.

When you add a bullet to your Bullet Library from the Document Bullets collection, the bullet is available for all your documents.

5To remove a bullet from the Bullet Library, right-click it and choose Remove.

Removing the bullet from your Bullet Library doesn’t remove it from the lists in your document.

6Click a bullet in the list to check that it matches all the bullets in the list.

Clicking one bullet highlights all bulleted items in the list.