How to Create a Sound File Playlist for Your PowerPoint 2007 Presentation

By Peter Weverka

Playlists were designed so that users of Windows Media Player can play songs or videos stored on their computers. PowerPoint also lets you set up playlists to go along with your presentation. Copy the sound files you want to play one after the other into the same folder where your PowerPoint presentation is stored and follow these steps to catalogue the files in a playlist:

1Open Windows Media Player.

Playlists were made for working with Media Player.

2Select the sound files you want for the playlist.

The easiest way to find them on your computer is probably by using Windows Explorer or My Computer.

3Right-click the files and choose Add to Now Playing List.

4In Windows Media Player, select the Now Playing tab.

The files you selected appear in the Now Playing list of Windows Media Player. If you don’t see the Now Playing List, click the Restore the Video and Visualization Pane button located near the upper-right corner of the window.

5Click the Now Playing List button.

A drop-down list appears.

6Choose Save Playlist As.

The Save As dialog box appears.

7Enter a name for your playlist, save it in the same folder as your PowerPoint file, and click the Save button.

Congratulations. You just created a .WPL (Windows Media Playlist) file.