How to Adjust Print Quality in Excel 2011 for Mac - dummies

How to Adjust Print Quality in Excel 2011 for Mac

By Geetesh Bajaj, James Gordon

Adjusting the quality of the print jobs you get from Excel in Office 2011 for Mac can be a two-stage (but several-step) process. In the first stage, you adjust the quality level Excel sends to your printer. In the second stage, you adjust your printer’s quality level.

Stage 1: Setting Excel’s print output quality

The following steps determine your Excel print settings:

  1. Click the Repeat Titles button on the Layout Ribbon.

  2. Select the appropriate settings.

  3. Click the Page tab.

  4. In the Print Quality pop-up menu, choose from options offered by your printer driver.

    Options vary by brand and model of printer. These settings affect the quality of the output that Excel sends to the printer.

  5. Click OK to close the Page Setup dialog.

Do you want it fast? Or, do you want it sharp? You have the following choices:

  • For the fastest printing:

    • Choose the Draft Quality check box on the Sheet tab.

    • Pick the lowest-quality option that your printer offers in the Print Quality field on the Page tab.

  • For the highest-quality printing:

    • Deselect Draft Quality on the Sheet tab.

    • On the Page tab, select the highest-quality setting that your printer offers in the Print Quality field.

You can experiment with settings in between until you get the right balance of quality and speed with your printer.

Stage 2: Setting your printer’s quality level

If you want to set the quality level in your printer’s settings, you’ve come to the right section. Options vary by brand and model printer. To tell your printer the quality level you want, follow these steps:

  1. Choose File→Print.


  1. Click the downward-pointing triangle.


  2. From the Copies & Pages pop-up menu, select Print Settings.

    The Print Settings dialog provided by your printer appears. Each brand and model of printer will offer different options in this dialog.


  3. Make any changes you want to the print options in the Print dialog.

  4. After you set your print options, click the Print button.

    Even if you set Excel to print highest-quality output, you may need to adjust the printer’s settings to get the highest-quality print. Some printer brands default to the lowest-quality setting to provide the highest speed. Gridlines and other content may not print properly or at all at low-quality print settings.