Cut, Copy, and Paste in Pages - dummies

By Mark L. Chambers

To copy a block of text or a photo to a second location or to cut something from a document open in another application, you can call on the power of the cut, copy, and paste features within Pages.

How to cut stuff from Pages documents

Cutting selected text or graphics removes it from your Pages document and places that material within your Clipboard. (Think of the Clipboard as a holding area for snippets of text and graphics that you want to manipulate.) To cut text or graphics, select some material and do one of the following:

  • Choose Edit→Cut.

  • Press Command+X.

If you simply want to remove the selected material from your Pages document (and you don’t plan to paste it somewhere else), just select the text and press the Delete key.

Copy text and images from Pages documents

When you copy text or graphics, the original selection remains untouched, but a copy of the selection is placed in the Clipboard. Select some text or graphics and do one of the following:

  • Choose Edit→Copy.

  • Press +C.

If you cut or copy a new selection into the Clipboard, it erases what was there. In other words, the Clipboard holds only the latest material you cut or copied.

You can also let your cursor do the work! Hold down the Option key while dragging selected items to copy them to a new location.

Paste from the Clipboard within Pages

Are you wondering what you can do with that stuff that’s stored in your Clipboard? Pasting the contents of the Clipboard places the material at the current location of the insertion cursor. You can repeat a paste operation as often as you like because the contents of the Clipboard aren’t cleared.

However, remember that the Clipboard holds only the contents of your last copy or cut operation, so you must paste the contents before you cut or copy again to avoid losing what’s in the Clipboard.

To paste the Clipboard contents, click the insertion cursor at the location you want and do one of the following:

  • Choose Edit→Paste.

  • Press Command+V.