How to Use Bookmarks on Your Mac - dummies

By Joe Hutsko, Barbara Boyd

You can use Safari on your Mac just to browse new websites and read articles at the moment you find them, but that doesn’t take advantage of all Safari can do to help you manage your web browsing adventure — it’s not named Safari for nothin’!

Here’s how to use the Safari features that organize favorite websites you want to revisit, manage the articles you want to read later, and list links to articles your friends have posted on social media sites you use — namely, Bookmarks, Reading List, and Shared Links. You access all three from the Sidebar, which opens when you click the Sidebar button (the open book) or choose View→Show Sidebar.

To make the Sidebar pane wider or narrower, move the pointer to the right edge of the Sidebar until it becomes a vertical line with an arrow on one or both sides, and then click and drag.

Bookmarks are links to websites, such as a favorite news outlet or a reference source. Click a bookmark, and Safari opens to the bookmarked web page. What’s more, bookmarks let you group likeminded websites, such as news sites, book review sites, gadgets sites, or sites related to one project you’re working on, together in folders.

The Favorites bar, as shown here, gives you quick access to websites you visit most frequently.

The Favorites bar displays bookmark quick-link buttons and folders.
The Favorites bar displays bookmark quick-link buttons and folders.

Use the Favorites bar for one-click access to your favorite or frequently visited websites. You can place as many bookmarks and folders as you like on the Favorites bar, but you will see only the number that fit in the width of the Safari window; you have to click the arrows at the right end of the Favorites bar to open a menu that displays bookmarks that don’t fit.

You can get around that problem by placing folders on the Favorites bar. The Bookmarks menu and the Sidebar, as shown in this figure, show all your bookmarks and folders.

The Sidebar shows your bookmarks and folders.
The Sidebar shows your bookmarks and folders.

Click the Sidebar button or choose View→Show Sidebar, and then click the Bookmarks tab. The Bookmarks section of the Sidebar displays the Favorites Bar and Bookmarks Menu folders that are fixed in the number one and two positions of the Bookmarks list.

Clicking a folder displays the bookmarks within or collapses them if it’s already open. Click a bookmark to open that web page.

Bookmarks behave the same whether they appear in the Sidebar, on the Bookmarks menu, or on the Favorites bar. Simply click the bookmark, and it opens the linked web page. Click and drag to open a bookmark in the Bookmarks menu or a folder on the Favorites bar.