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How to Plan Pages for Your Web Site in iWeb

By Mark L. Chambers

iWeb is the Web site creation and editing application included with Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Every properly designed Web site has a purpose: to inform, to entertain, or to provide downloads or contact information. The pages you add to your site should all reflect that common purpose.

iWeb can produce the following types of pages for your site:

  • Welcome: This is the default first page that iWeb adds to a site you create. The Welcome page familiarizes your visitor with the idea behind your site, and perhaps offers a snippet of the latest developments on the site in a “What’s New” paragraph.

  • About Me: This page provides a biography of you or another person, listing things like your age, favorite songs, and favorite foods. (After all, that’s important stuff.) Links are provided to your photo album pages and other Web sites you want to share.

  • Photos: iWeb makes it easy to add one of those cool online photo galleries for your snapshots, complete with a Web slideshow! You can add Events and albums from iPhoto, too.

  • My Albums: You can organize all your Photos and Movie pages on a single My Albums page. Visitors click a thumbnail to jump to the corresponding page Photos or Movies page; it’s a visual index done the right way.

  • Movie: Got a QuickTime movie you’ve created with iMovie to share with others? This is the page that presents it to your adoring fans.

  • Blog: Adding a blog (or personal Web journal) page is a somewhat different beast: iWeb keeps track of each addition you make in an entry list so that you can quickly add or delete entries without requiring tons of scrolling, cutting, and pasting. A blog page also includes an archive so that deleted entries aren’t lost forever.

  • Podcast: Consider a podcast as an audio (or audio/visual) blog that is designed to be downloaded to a visitor’s iPod for later enjoyment. As does the blog page, a podcast page has an entry list and an archive list attached to it.

  • Blank: Yep, an old-fashioned blank page, ready for you to fill with whatever you like.

Before you even launch iWeb, jot down on a piece of paper (or put in a Sticky) these important points:

  • What message do I want to communicate to visitors?

  • What tone will I use — funny, serious, or businesslike?

  • What stuff do I want to offer: photos, movies, or podcasts?

Now you have the starting point for your site and you know what you want to include!