Getting Connected with the Software Pattern Community - dummies

Getting Connected with the Software Pattern Community

By Robert Hanmer

Part of Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Whether you’re a software architect, engineer, or designer, you’re likely interested in software patterns and, therefore, the software pattern community. You can get involved with this community in several ways:

  • Advocate for patterns. You can advocate for patterns within your workgroup or company and the industry as a whole. You can point your colleagues to pattern resources that you’ve found to be helpful and those that you think can help solve certain software design problems.

  • Write about your experiences using patterns. Blog about how patterns helped you solve a real problem, for example, or write a short article for a company or technical newsletter.

  • Be a pattern mentor. Show your colleagues how patterns can (and sometimes can’t) solve software challenges, and help them find useful patterns for their own projects. You can help them learn how to write patterns, too.

  • Volunteer. Like any community, the pattern community has lots of volunteer opportunities. You can help improve other people’s patterns by participating in writers’ workshops at pattern conferences. After you’ve proved yourself, you can become a shepherd, helping other pattern authors get ready for writers’ workshops.

  • Write your own patterns. Consider the things your colleagues ask you questions about — or the things you wish they’d ask you about. These topics may be appropriate for your first patterns.