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For Seniors: How to Insert Pictures in a PowerPoint Slide

By Faithe Wempen

Microsoft PowerPoint lets you personalize it by giving you the chance to display your own digital photos. You can insert individual photos into PowerPoint presentations, or you can create a special Photo Album presentation.

Adding an individual photo

To put an individual photo on an individual slide:

  1. To insert the picture into a layout placeholder, click the Picture icon on the placeholder.


    If you want the picture to be independent of any placeholder, choose Insert→Picture when no placeholder is selected.

  2. In the Insert Picture dialog box that appears, select the picture you want to insert and change the location if needed.

  3. Click Insert.

    The picture appears on the slide.

  4. (Optional) Move or resize the image as desired.

    To move the image, drag it by its center. To resize the image, drag a selection handle around the edge.

Creating a Photo Album presentation

If you want to create a presentation that is primarily (or exclusively) photos, you’ll like the Photo Album feature. The Photo Album feature makes it easy to create photo-centric presentations with special features such as picture edging, framing, and captions.

Follow these steps to create a photo album:

  1. Choose Insert→Photo Album.

    The Photo Album dialog box opens.


  2. Click the File/Disk button.

    The Insert New Pictures dialog box opens.

  3. Select the pictures you want to include.

    To select more than one picture at a time, hold down the Ctrl key while you click each one.

  4. Click Insert.

    The pictures you select appear in the Pictures in Album list of the Photo Album dialog box.

  5. (Optional) Reorder the pictures.

    To do so, select the picture that’s not in the right place in the order and then click the up-arrow or down-arrow button below the list to reposition it.

  6. (Optional) Rotate a picture or adjust its brightness or contrast.

    To do so, select the picture’s name and then use the buttons under the Preview pane to adjust the picture’s appearance as needed.

  7. In the Album Layout section of the Photo Album dialog box, select your picture layout, frame shape, and theme.

    From the Picture Layout drop-down list, choose how many pictures you want per slide. From the Frame Shape drop-down list, choose a frame shape/style for each photo. Choosing a Theme from the drop-down list is optional, but if you’d like to, click the Browse button and then select a presentation theme to apply to the photo album.

    You don’t have to choose the theme now; you can apply a theme change to the presentation after its creation. (Choose Design→Themes.)

  8. Click the Create button.

    A new presentation is created using your photos.

The resulting presentation is like any other presentation, except for one small extra: Because it’s a photo album, you can return to the Photo Album dialog box at any time to manage the photos and effects. To do so, on the Insert tab, click the down arrow below the Photo Album button, and then choose Edit Photo Album from the menu that appears.