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For Seniors: How to Apply Text Formatting in Office 2010

By Faithe Wempen

In Office 2010, you can modify the appearance of your text and even pick the color of text. Besides text color, you can also apply text attributes, such as bold (like this) and italic (like this).

The default setting for text color is Automatic, which automatically changes the text color so that it contrasts well with the background. On a light background, text is black; on a dark background, text is white.

To apply text formatting, select the text you want to change and then use the Font Color button to change its color. When you click the arrow to the right of the Font Color button on the Home tab, a palette of color choices appears. You can choose any of the following:


  • Automatic: This choice resets the text color to the default.

  • Theme Colors: You can choose one of the color placeholders defined by the current theme. If you later change the theme applied to the document, this color may change.

  • Standard Colors: You can choose a standard fixed color that doesn’t change even if you apply a different theme later.

  • More Colors: You can choose a different fixed color than the ones in the Standard Colors section.

  • Recent Colors: This section appears only if you select a color with More Colors in this document. It provides shortcuts for reselecting a color that has already been used.

You can some text attributes turn on and off by clicking buttons on the Home tab (in the Font group).