When NaturallySpeaking Menu Commands Don’t Work

By Stephanie Diamond

When you give a command to NaturallySpeaking, such as “Click” and nothing happens, the likely problem is that your Use Menus That Are Compatible with Screen Readers check box is unchecked. To check it:

  1. From the NaturallySpeaking window, select Tools→Options.

    There’s no point in telling you how to access this by voice, because that’s exactly what isn’t working!

  2. When the Options dialog box appears, click the Miscellaneous tab.

  3. Find the Use Menus That Are Compatible with Screen Readers check box and make sure it gets checked.

If the Natural Language Commands for NaturallySpeaking don’t work, the two most likely possibilities are

  • You aren’t dictating into a compatible application. Natural Language commands don’t work in every application you use. Make sure it’s enabled for Natural Language Commands.

  • Someone has turned off natural-language commands. To turn them back on:

    1. Choose Dragon NaturallySpeaking→Tools→Options.

    2. In the Options dialog box that appears, click the Command tab.

    3. Once there, make sure the check box labeled Enable Natural Language Commands has a check mark. If not, click that check box and click OK.

    4. On the window still open, click OK again.