How To Use iTunes with NaturallySpeaking - dummies

By Stephanie Diamond

Media applications that are speech-enabled with Dragon’s LifeStyle Speech Pack include music applications such as iTunes. If you have even a passing interest in online music, you likely know about iTunes, which provides access to most of the popular digitized music available in the world. Its media players, the iPhone, iPod, and iPad have captured the lion’s share of the market for mobile devices.

The lure of music has arguably made the web grow even faster than it might otherwise have. Downloading music got off to a rocky start with intellectual property at the heart of the controversy. Now, almost everyone who uses the web has some kind of music on their hard drives and gadgets. The app with the largest market share is iTunes from Apple.

The good news is that with VoxEnable running, you can use iTunes as a Full Text Control application. This means that you can say the names of the menu commands and select the submenus you want to open.

To see how using iTunes with voice-enabled commands can be done, look at a session you may want to customize for yourself. (The steps that follow are for iTunes version 9.2.1 and higher.) The scenario below assumes that you’ve already installed the LifeStyle Speech Pack and that NaturallySpeaking is running.

To voice-enable some music, flip up your laptop and do the following:

  1. Say, “Sign into iTunes account.”

    Your iTunes application opens.

  2. Say, “Recently played.”

    The list of recently played songs opens.

  3. Say, “Play” to play the first song in the list.

  4. Say, “Shuffle songs” to randomize the list and play.

  5. When you’re done playing songs, say, “Sign out of account.”

You can also do music management in iTunes with voice commands, as shown in this table.

NaturallySpeaking Commands for iTunes
To Do This: Say This:
See your iTunes account “View my account”
See if there are new downloads “Check for downloads”
Run diagnostics “Run diagnostics”
Start a new playlist “New playlist”
Synch with your iPod “Synch iPod”
View your songs in a list format “View as list”
Rate a song five stars “Rate five stars”