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How To Give the Cursor Directions in NaturallySpeaking

By Stephanie Diamond

You can use the Move command to move the cursor in different directions in Dragon NaturallySpeaking: forward or backward a certain number of characters, words, lines, or paragraphs. The short form of the Move command uses just three words (as in “Move Down Three”). You can also add a word to specify units (as in “Move Back Two Paragraphs”).

The short, three-word version of the Move command imitates the cursor keys on the keyboard. The three words are Move, a direction (Up, Down, Left, or Right), and finally a number from 1 to 20. You don’t specify any units. So, for example:

  • “Move Down 12” gives you the same result as if you press the down-arrow key 12 times. In other words, the cursor goes down 12 lines.

  • “Move Right 2” moves the cursor two characters to the right, the same result you get from pressing the right-arrow key twice.

When you want to move a certain number of words or paragraphs, just add Words or Paragraphs to the command. Use the four-word Move command. First you say Move; then say a direction (Back or Forward); then say a number (1 – 20); and finally, say a unit (Words or Paragraphs). For example:

  • “Move Back Six Words”

  • “Move Forward Two Paragraphs”

You can also use the units Characters or Lines instead of Words or Paragraphs. When the units are Words or Characters, you can use Left/Right instead of Back/Forward. When the units are Lines or Paragraphs, you can use Up/Down instead of Back/Forward. For example:

  • “Move Left Three Characters” means the same as “Move Back Three Characters” or “Move Left Three.”

  • “Move Down Eight Paragraphs” gives the same result as “Move Forward Eight Paragraphs.”

Finally, the word “a” can be used as a synonym for the number 1. “Move Back a Word” is the same as “Move Back One Word.”

If you just want to scroll the text up or down, and you don’t care about moving the cursor, say “Press Page Up” or “Press Page Down.”