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Tips for Maintaining Your Salesforce Account Database

By Liz Kao, Jon Paz

The more you use Salesforce for account management, the more important it is to maintain it over time. Here are some simple tools for keeping your account database up to date.

Increasing account accuracy with

Everyone has his or her own way of entering a company name, but when each sales rep uses his own method, it leads to duplicate account records. Instead of arguing over whose method is best, you can use to provide you with the correct name. provides top-quality data from Dun & Bradstreet and is available in Salesforce for an added charge. You can use it to automatically clean your account records, providing you with up-to-date information for 83 account fields. Sales reps can also use to instantly import new accounts and contacts into Salesforce. Whether you’re augmenting your existing data or starting from scratch, can provide the data you need without ever having to leave Salesforce.

Deleting account records

If you (or a subordinate) own accounts that need to be deleted, you can delete them one at a time by using the Delete button on the account records. The one caveat here is that some companies remove your permission to delete accounts altogether. If this is the case or if you want to delete many accounts at one time, consult with your system administrator. System administrators are the only users in your company who have the ability to mass-delete records. (Kind of startling to realize that geeks have all the power, isn’t it?)

When deleting account records, remember that you’re also deleting associated records. So, if you’re deleting an account, you can potentially be removing contacts, activities, opportunities, and other records linked to the account. You can rectify a mistakenly deleted record within 15 days of your deletion by retrieving it from your Recycle Bin, but be careful before deleting records.