10 Resources to Master Service Cloud - dummies

10 Resources to Master Service Cloud

By Jon Paz, T. J. Kelley

There are plenty of resources that can deepen and broaden your knowledge of Service Cloud. Here’s a look at the top ten places you can find useful help:

  • Salesforce Help & Training Service Cloud documentation: Salesforce has poured an astounding amount of resources and time into developing a vast collection of written material to help users with their products. The Service Cloud is no exception. To locate these materials, find the “Documentation” section.

  • Salesforce Help & Training Service Cloud videos: In the same vein, Salesforce has created videos for those of us who would rather sit back with a cup of Joe than browse through pages of pretty dense training guides. The videos include quizzes to ensure you’re retaining information, as well as real-life use cases and examples to better explain Service Cloud functionality in context. To locate these videos, find the “Online Training” section.

  • Salesforce Help & Training Service Cloud implementation guides: These workbooks delve into almost every granular detail about Service Cloud settings, “gotchas,” and more obscure functionality to ensure a smooth implementation. Use this to make sure you’re mastering the order of operations before implementing. (Note: There’s also a Knowledge implementation guide.)

  • Salesforce Service Cloud instructor-led courses: You can purchase Salesforce online training, led by a live instructor in a virtual environment. These courses are geared toward obtaining Salesforce certifications, but are great resources to become a Service Cloud ninja. To sign up for these courses, find the “Online Training” section, and click the “Instructor-Led Courses” link.

  • Salesforce Service Cloud resources: Salesforce provides a website for Service Cloud–specific resources, although be forewarned that they do tend to be a little more marketing and a little less technical. They provide materials such as datasheets, whitepapers, webinars, and e-books. You can get smarter on Service Cloud while learning how to convey its value to your organization’s cost center.

  • Salesforce Success Community: An online community of Salesforce users comes together in one place to ask and answer questions with a near infinite range of complexity. Don’t be shy — dive into the community to get your questions answered or to share your successes with the group.

  • Salesforce release notes: Salesforce releases new features and major enhancements to existing features three times a year in what are known as the Spring, Summer, and Winter releases. With each release, Salesforce provides excellent documentation that can be consumed for a high-level overview of changes and new features, as well as for a deep dive into particular features that catch your eye. Use the release notes to stay ahead of the game and ensure your organization takes full advantage of the platform’s newest enhancements. To locate the most recent release notes, simply type “Salesforce Release Notes” into your search engine of choice, find the “Documentation” section, and click the Release Notes link.

  • Salesforce IdeaExchange: If you find yourself sitting around muttering under your breath about a certain missing feature in Salesforce every day or think you’ve struck gold with an epiphany for a new feature, Salesforce is always accepting ideas from the community. Use the IdeaExchange to provide your organization’s ideas for how the platform could improve. If your idea gains enough momentum, Salesforce just might incorporate it into their product road map.

  • Salesforce user groups: Salesforce user groups are customer-organized groups that are generally regional groups or business vertical focused groups. These groups meet online and in person and are an excellent way to engage with the community to network, share tips and tricks, and learn from your neighbors and counterparts.

  • Dreamforce: Half business conference, half rock concert, Dreamforce is a ticket to an incredible week of Salesforce fun where you can learn directly from product experts, world leaders, and industry executives, as well as explore partner solutions in the community on the expo floor.