How to Use Video for Marketing Automation - dummies

How to Use Video for Marketing Automation

By Mathew Sweezey

Webinars are performed live and then hosted later on to continue to drive engagement. Video is an extremely powerful tool when combined with marketing automation. Automation allows you to capture email addresses from your videos, track a prospect’s engagement with the video, and even serve up different videos based on the prospect’s lead score. Here are a few keys to integrating video into your automation tool:

  • Host your videos: You need to first host your videos with a video-hosting tool. Most of these tools integrate into a marketing automation tool. These tools allow you to track exactly which prospects watch which videos, and even how much of each video they watch.


  • Integrate your calls to action. Calls to action are usually buttons that get people to take an action, such as Sign Up, Download, or Register.

    Your calls to action need to be tied to your marketing automation tool, which is easy to do if your video tool is connected to your marketing automation tool. If they aren’t connected, just use a traceable URL or a form embedded in your video.


  • Dynamic actions for more engagement: Consider taking your video to the next level by suggesting other videos for people to watch when they are done watching one. You can easily use your marketing automation tool’s dynamic functionality to display different video suggestions based on a person’s lead score.