How to Use Microsite Landing Pages in Marketing Automation - dummies

How to Use Microsite Landing Pages in Marketing Automation

By Mathew Sweezey

Another way to look at a landing page is as an experience in itself. Some marketing automation vendors allow for the creation of microsite. A microsite is a small website that sits outside your company’s main website. Microsites are very popular for events, new products, or other offerings.

If your marketing automation tool does not have a microsite feature, it likely has a landing page feature. The purpose of the microsite is to create a highly customized experience on a very specific topic. Here are some ways you can build a custom experience outside your website:

  • Microsites: Microsites are a great way to give people a custom experience around a central idea without distracting them with other information. In fact, this is the purpose of the microsite. As with a landing page, you should optimize it for a single goal, such as announcing an event. does a great job with this with its Dreamforce microsite.


    Dreamforce is a single website dedicated to an event. It does not talk about the software, only the event. If your marketing automation tool allows for microsites, use them; they are very powerful and functional.

  • Tying landing pages together: If your marketing automation tool does not support true microsites, you can still provide a similar experience, with just a bit more work being involved. If you can create a landing page in your marketing automation tool, you can connect a few of them by linking them with hyperlinks or by automations.


    Here is more detail on how to connect landing pages:

    • Using hyperlinks: To connect landing pages using hyperlinks, you first need to create your landing pages. Next, on each page, create your navigation to another page. Simply use the URL of the other landing page and you have connected them.

    • Using automations: If you want to try something more advanced, you can connect sites with automations. For example, when someone completes a form, he should be directed to another page. You create this redirect in the automation section of your marketing automation tool, and you can easily direct people to where you want them to go without any effort on their part.

  • Using another tool: If your marketing automation solution does not allow for stringing landing pages together, you may want to consider a tool such as ion interactive.


    A specific tool such as ion interactive allows you to build a microsite with dynamic features. Tools made specifically to build microsites are great because for the marketer who isn’t tech savvy, microsites are usually easier to set up than using your CMS, and the result can be much more robust than a landing page created in a marketing automation tool.

    Such tools also can be integrated into your marketing automation tool very easily.

You can connect any website to your marketing automation tool as long as you can place JavaScript on the page. When building microsites outside your marketing automation tool, remember to add your tracking code to them so that you can track a prospect’s engagement with microsites.