How to Optimize a Landing Page for a Single Goal - dummies

How to Optimize a Landing Page for a Single Goal

By Mathew Sweezey

The landing page is a key tool in any automated online marketing campaign. Usually it is used as a conversion point and is attached to an advertisement. The advertisement goes through a paid search campaign, a banner ad, or an email. The prospect is then driven to a special place where he can receive the offer.

Usually, the prospect fills out a form on the landing page. Landing page theory is very basic; however, applying this theory in modern times can get a bit complicated.

The main thing you need to know about landing page theory is the idea of optimizing the page to achieve a single goal. Take a look at two different landing pages.


Notice how many actions a person can take on this page. The top alone has a lot of links. This is BAD. If you have taken all this time to set up a campaign and have paid to get someone to this page, you have a goal, and you should optimize this page for that goal.

In 2005, a University of Minnesota study titled “Three options are optimal when conducting multiple-choice items” was concerned with the concept of how people make decisions when given options. The study found that the fewer options you give people, the easier it is for them to make a decision. This is where the idea of optimizing a landing page for a single goal comes into play.


On a landing page that has only one option on the page, you can convert on the form or leave the page.