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How to Compare Marketing Automation Forms, Content, and Landing Pages with Split Tests

By Mathew Sweezey

When considering how to improve your conversion rate on a landing page, marketing automation’s split testing can easily show you the way. A landing page usually consists of the landing page itself, a form, and content that the form is protecting. You can test all three of these elements using the same type of split test, but not all at the same time.

Here is how to split test the different parts of a landing page to increase conversions easily:

  • Have your assets. To create your split test for a landing page, form, or content, start by creating the different assets.

  • Use only one URL. To test your conversions, you need to have multiple possible outcomes. You want to drive people to multiple landing pages, but you also need to have a way to control traffic so that you spread the traffic to the multiple landing pages evenly, increasing the effectiveness of the test.

    To spread traffic evenly, you hold the lead source as a constant, which, in the case of a landing page, is its URL. By using a single URL and having your marketing automation tool sending the traffic to multiple pages equally, you can see whether you have a clear winner on conversions from your form, landing page, or content.

  • Run your test. To create your test, you will most likely use a split testing feature within your marketing automation tool. Most major vendors include this feature. The steps involved to use it vary but the basics are all the same. You’ll create or have created the items you want to test already, and have them saved in the marketing automation tool.

    Your marketing automation solution will create a single URL to promote your content via social, email, online, or any other medium. The results of your test will be found in your marketing automation tool. Some tools can even automatically change your campaigns to optimize for the best outcome. The following shows a split test being set up in the Pardot marketing automation tool.


The split test landing pages, content, and forms are considered simultaneously because each item lives on the landing page. You just need to change the form on each one to test different form fields, call to action text, or colors. The content presents your offer, so this method easily allows you to test content delivery formats.

For example, what do people do more: watch videos or download white papers? Finally, you can test the landing page layout itself with this method as well to discover whether a particular landing page layout works better than your standard website layout.