How to Add People to Marketing Automation Nurture Campaigns - dummies

How to Add People to Marketing Automation Nurture Campaigns

By Mathew Sweezey

You can place people on your marketing automation nurturing campaigns using various methods. The way in which you add someone to a nurturing program depends on your overall campaign. In the easiest terms possible, you can think about adding leads to a nurturing campaign in two different ways: automated and manual.

  • Automated: In an automated campaign, people are added dynamically; no one has to click a button. When you want to have a fully automated program and automatically identify a person who needs to be nurtured, this is the type of campaign to use.

    These campaigns are harder to set up and are not for all types of campaigns. Most marketing campaigns can be set up in this fashion; however, many people suggest manual campaigns for your sales support nurturing campaigns. This shows an automated program adding people to a nurturing program.


  • Manual: A manual campaign requires a button to be clicked or some other manual action to add someone to the nurturing campaign. Use this type of campaign when you want a human interaction to add someone to a campaign.

    You will want a human interaction when you have a multitude of factors and many different scenarios, or when sales leads are involved and you want to give the sales team full control over who is added, and when. The following shows a nurturing campaign that has a static/manual option to add leads to it. Notice that this option is inside the CRM tool.