Sign Up for a Payroll Service through QuickBooks 2012 - dummies

Sign Up for a Payroll Service through QuickBooks 2012

By Stephen L. Nelson

To sign up for the payroll service with QuickBooks 2012 after you’ve selected a particular option from the Intuit QuickBooks Payroll Services page, you fill in a series of web page forms.


You enter your business name and address, give your firm’s employer identification number, or EIN, and also provide credit card information so Intuit can bill you for its service. Then you click the Continue button (which isn’t visible in the figure shown but is available at the bottom of the web page).

QuickBooks then steps you through the process for signup. Simply follow the on-screen instructions to describe how your company processes payroll.

When you set up your company information for payroll, QuickBooks asks for a bunch of information. The web pages provide detailed instructions, but essentially, you just describe how you pay your employees, to whom you remit deductions, and other stuff like that.

Carefully read the instructions that QuickBooks provides. This takes some time. If you get into trouble, you may want to get an outside accountant’s help to set up the Basic Payroll Service.