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Identifying and Qualifying Your Customers in

By Jon Paz, T. J. Kelley

With Service Cloud, you may want to qualify customers before opening cases. If your company has service‐level agreements (SLAs) and requires that your customers first be entitled to support before actually receiving any, you may want to qualify the person on the phone before opening a case for her.

The following steps outline the basic process of identifying a caller in Service Cloud:

  1. In the global search at the top of any page, type the name of the customer on the phone — either the individual’s name (the Contact) or the business the person is with (the Account) — and click Search.

    The Search Results page appears with either a contact name or account name. If no results appear on the page, you can either create an account record for the customer, or follow some other business process that is decided by your organization.

    Whatever the process may be, remember to keep usability, adoption, and speed of service in mind. You want your customers and agents to love you, right?

  2. Click the Account or Contact Name.

    If your company has a defined process around authorizing service, these records are where that information should be captured and updated.

Beyond capturing this information in fields, for customers using Enterprise or Unlimited editions that have more complex processes around SLAs and service authorization, Service Cloud offers a suite of functionality around Entitlements.

Entitlement management in Service Cloud is a way for you and your users to verify, before opening a case for a customer, that the customer is entitled to receive support. Using entitlements, you can do the following:

  • Verify a customer’s support eligibility.

  • Define service levels for different types of customers and build processes around them to ensure they’re enforced.

  • Create and update unique service contracts for customers.

  • Allow customers to view their own service contracts and entitlements, as well as create cases with the appropriate ones through Communities.