How to Close a Case in Service Cloud - dummies

How to Close a Case in Service Cloud

By Jon Paz, T. J. Kelley

This is definitely your favorite part of case management. The victory of case closure is sweet, especially in Service Cloud. To close a case, follow these steps:

  1. On the case record, click the Close Case button.

    The Close Case Edit page appears. Alternatively, if article submissions are enabled in your organization and you want to capture the solution that helped you close the case, click the Save & Create Article button.

  • Fill in the appropriate information, including the Status and other custom fields and information your organization wants to capture.

    For example, you can add a custom field called Resolution to report on the most common ways cases are resolved.

  • If you’re using Solutions, fill out the Solution Information section to create a solution from this case.

    Especially if the case is a great example for a particular issue, create a solution for it that you can reuse for similar cases. The solution will also be linked to this case.

  • Click Save.

    The case detail page reappears with a closed status. The case is now closed.

  • Easy enough, right?

    More than likely, you’ll want to customize the information and data you capture when an agent closes a case. You can add custom fields to the case object and move them onto the Close Case page layout so that you can report on these data points and get a better understanding of the problem, cause, and resolution of a customer inquiry.

    To customize the close case page layout, choose Setup→Build→Customize→Cases→Page Layouts, and follow these steps:

    1. Under the Close Case Page Layout list, click the Edit link to the left of the Page Layout Name.

      The enhanced page layout editor appears, with the current page layout of the Close Case page.

    2. Use the enhanced page layout editor to drag and drop fields onto the layout, exactly where you want them.

      The desired fields appear on the page.

      Optionally, to add a check box to the layout to choose to have your customers know when you close the case, click the Layout Properties button at the top of the toolbar and then click the Show on Edit Page check box, as shown.

      Layout Properties on the close case page layout.
      Layout Properties on the close case page layout.
    3. Click Save when you’re done.

      The Case Page Layout screen reappears with your layouts.